Meet the Chefs


Leo Besnard is an accomplished Swiss chef who has made a name for himself in the world of culinary arts. Passionate about gastronomy and striving for excellence, Leo Besnard has attracted attention and recognition for his exceptional skills in the kitchen. At just 26, he was awarded a prestigious Michelin star for his work at the renowned L’Oiseau Blanc restaurant in Paris’s Péninsule district. Today, as head chef at the Auberge du Lion d’Or in Cologny, Switzerland, Chef Besnard continues to impress with his innovative and contemporary approach to French cuisine. His dishes are a testament to his creativity, exquisite taste and dedication to bringing out the best in ingredients.


Pierre Hermé, the world’s best pastry chef in 2016 and former collaborator of such prestigious houses as Gaston Lenôtre, François Clerc, Ladurée and Fauchon, is recognized as a revolutionary chef in the field of pastry. He is the creator of the “Haute-Pâtisserie” concept, and stands out for his pure, unadorned creations, which offer unique combinations of tastes and flavors inspired by his travels and memories.

Nicknamed the “Picasso of Patisserie”, Pierre Hermé is renowned for his exceptional creativity, notably in his macaroons, and veritable works of edible art. His legacy continues to inspire pastry chefs the world over. Each of his creations embodies the excellence of French pastry-making while shaking up tradition and pushing back the boundaries of innovation.

Now at the head of an empire, Pierre Hermé has finally arrived in Monaco, with Komo Monaco.


Born into a family of restaurateurs, Amélie Lacroix developed a passion for service that would lead her a few years later to a career in sommellerie. After studying hotel and restaurant management, she consolidated her interest in wine through various internships. She then went on to specialize in sommellerie at the Dorchester in London under the guidance of Alain Ducasse. Looking to broaden her horizons, Amélie moved to Australia to hone her skills as a sommelier at Melbourne’s Fine Dining Rockpool Bar & Grill, building up an impressive wine list and broadening her knowledge of foreign wines. In 2020, she left to work in a vineyard in New Zealand, immersing herself in winemaking. A year later, she arrived in Switzerland and became sommelier at Le Vallon, before taking on the role of head sommelier at the prestigious Lion D’or in Cologny. In collaboration with Fabien Mene, Switzerland’s Best Sommelier 2021, Amélie embraces the wealth of Swiss vineyards. With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for wine, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to every glass served, ensuring an exceptional oenological experience for guests at Le Vallon and Lion D’or.